Keeping Confidential Data and Filmed Content Secure

Feb 7, 2019

One area where our clients have seen a shift recently is the challenge of keeping confidential data and filmed content secure. Our production company clients are holding more data than ever, whether that be confidential scripts, accounting information or more relevantly under GDPR, lists of the cast and crews names, addresses and contact details. A data breach that results in the personal details of a high profile actor or celebrity being released obviously has implications for that individuals privacy and in some cases personal safety.

Keeping filmed content secure is also proving more challenging. We will all be aware of the high profile cyber-attacks targeting Orange is the New Black and Games of Thrones, but we are seeing UK drama also being targeted by hackers whose aim is to exhort money from the broadcaster or production company in return for not releasing the content online. With more of the filmed content now being shared digitally between production companies and broadcasters, the opportunities for hackers are only set to increase.

Working with our insurer partners, Yutree advises on best practice for keeping the content and data secure and can arrange insurance cover which will provide incident response assistance, PR experts, IT forensics and notification cost cover should data or content be compromised.

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