Film & TV sector sees increased cyber exposures as insurance claims rise

May 12, 2021

The risk of cyber-crime has arguably never been greater for the Film & TV sector.

Production companies are handling more sensitive and personal information than ever before and during the pandemic more of this data is stored online. This information can include confidential scripts, addresses and contact details of talent, accounting information and perhaps most personally, medical declaration forms of key cast and crew. All these examples contain personal data which need to be protected as per the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and hackers are well aware that obtaining this data can offer substantial rewards through extortion.

However, it is not just personal data which hackers are looking to use for extortion. Post-production facilities are being targeted for film/TV content contained on their systems. Unsurprisingly, such content presents a significant opportunity to cyber criminals to obtain sensitive personal data or highly valuable content prior to its release. We have also seen instances where hackers shut down a facilities IT systems so workflow is brought to a standstill until substantial amounts are paid to the criminals.

Director of Yutree Insurance, Simon Miller said, “It goes without saying that the pandemic has changed the way all businesses in the sector currently operate, and this has brought not just new risks but new opportunities for cyber criminals. As criminals continue to find exposures to gain access to company networks, we are advising businesses to consider cyber insurance cover that ensures your business will be fully supported throughout a ransomware incident or in the unfortunate event of a breach.”

Working with our insurer partners, Yutree advises on best practice for keeping the content and data secure and can arrange insurance cover which will provide incident response assistance, PR experts, loss of income protection, extortion protection, IT forensics and notification cost cover should data or content be compromised.

To find out more about Film & TV Insurance please contact Simon Miller at Yutree Insurance on 01638 675993

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