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Jan 8, 2021

Yutree have been providing cover for land and property owners liability risk for many years now and would like to share what we are good at and what we can help you with.

A lot of what we write fits into the ‘bits and pieces’ category which you can never find on a drop down menu and are risks which certainly do not warrant a huge premium. These risks can be for private property owners, residents associations or management companies. These can include corners of communal land around residential or commercial estates, paddocks, ransom strips, unadopted roads, private paths etc. They are just tricky to tuck away quickly and easily, which is what we can do.

Often this cover is a last minute request because it can be required on completion of a sale, for example. Yutree can give you an indication over the phone and can bind cover the same day if required.

Land / property owners risks come in all shapes and sizes. From car parks to woodlands and everything in between. To provide you with a fast quotation, we need you to provide us with:

  • Address
  • Description of the land including size and features
  • Use of the land including future intentions for the land
  • Any hazards (open water, steep drops, buildings, play areas etc)
  • Protections (fences, signs, hoarding, boarding up, life saving equipment etc)
  • Limit of indemnity
  • Claims experience

To protect your client from claims arising from slips, trips and accidents on their land, we can provide £2m, 5m or £10m limits of liability. Please note that we can also offer property cover on outside fixtures and fittings along with buildings insurance on commercial offices/workshops/storerooms etc.

Please get in touch today on 01638 660651 if you would like a quotation or if you would like to discuss this product.

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