Post-Production sector targeted by new ransomware Age Locker

Jul 15, 2020

Over the weekend of 11th-12th July we have been made aware of a new ransomware known as Age Locker targeting post-production and graphics companies across the UK and Europe.

At present, it appears the cyber criminals are specifically targeting those working on the Mac platform but we have to assume this could roll out across other systems and early indicators suggest the vulnerability may be with the VPN connection. The perpetrators are sophisticated and have bypassed robust fire walls to gain access to files and monitor activity for a substantial period of time before making their demands.

We will provide updates as we receive more information, but please be particularly vigilant over the coming days and we would recommend taking the following action:

  • Ask your IT team or provider to run checks on all systems for unusual activity
  • Make sure that all systems and software are up-to-date with relevant patches
  • Ensure all passwords are changed regularly
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Encrypt any sensitive data and devices
  • Always use robust VPN’s if you are accessing systems remotely

Please contact Simon Miller on 01638 675993 with any queries or for further advice on cyber liability insurance.


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