Race, test and off-track motorsport insurance cover

Feb 10, 2020

Yutree offer a comprehensive range of Race, On- & Off-Track Motorsport insurance covers for drivers and teams competing in the UK and Europe.

Motorsport is a genuine passion of Yutree as Directors Kevin Hancock and Leigh Smart have been racing for almost the past two decades. They understand the exact insurance needs of all aspects of motorsport and the supply chain including cover for series & event organisers, competitors, suppliers and motorsport preparation teams. Because they race, they know and share the risks facing different businesses within motorsport.

What does on-track insurance cover?

Yutree have access to specialist insurers who provide cover for Accidental Damage and/or Fire Damage while you’re on-track, whether it’s a test, track day or race weekend including:

  • Accidental damage cover
  • Fire damage
  • Options for UK, Europe or Worldwide cover

In addition, Yutree offer specialist insurance advice for:

  • Storage & transit cover for vehicles, kit and spares
  • Travel and personal accident cover for all levels of driver and the team
  • Cover for teams running a competition car
  • Series organisers and circuits
  • RVs, motorhomes, trucks and trailers
  • Specialist, classic, hyper-car and high value car collections
  • Motor trade cover for motorsport preparation teams
  • Specialist covers for parts & equipment manufacturers and retailers and other businesses in the motorsport supply chain

Please speak to a motorsport insurance specialist at Yutree on 01638 660651.


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