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Jul 30, 2019

Nick Carson Claims Manager

In our first insight into the people of Yutree, Nick Carson speaks about his role in the company and what made him join the business.

What attracted you to Yutree?

I had always been interested in working for a broker dealing with clients directly and this offered an exciting and different challenge for me. I felt like Yutree were a very client facing company and they appreciated the importance of claims within the customer journey and how a broker can add real value in this area. Despite being a young and relatively small company, the directors were clearly very experienced within the industry, passionate about delivering excellent customer service and clearly heading in the right direction. This was not an opportunity I could afford to miss. It also helped that they deal with clients in the film industry since I am a self-confessed film geek!

What was your background before joining Yutree?

My background is in Commercial Property claims where I previously worked for AXA Insurance, starting as a claims handler through to a claims auditor.

What does your job involve on day to day basis?

  • Making sure any claims that our clients need to make are promptly and successfully dealt with by insurers and their representatives
  • Support the client to identify any solutions following an incident and to ensure minimal business disruption
  • Offer risk management advice to clients
  • Regular contact with clients, both business owners and brokers, insurers, suppliers, solicitors to name but a few
  • Negotiate claim settlements with insurers and challenge insurers for any decisions that I disagree with

What is the area in claims where you are seeing an increased frequency?

I am seeing more claims being reported under clients Employment Practices Liability policies for claims such as unfair dismissal or discrimination from employees. These claims can become very emotive and subjective – and very technical. The settlement of these claims can be high, even if there is a robust defence, as its usually economical for insurers and the client to settle before allowing the dispute to go to an Employment Tribunal.

Also, the cost of motor claims is increasing due to repairs, whether it be repairing bodywork or the windscreen. This is due to the ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) technology that is currently more prevalent in most vehicles. Any damage to areas that contain this technology means the vehicles have to be recalibrated to ensure the technology works as it did before, which increases the overall repair costs and time the vehicle is off the road.

What have you learnt since joining Yutree?

The importance of building relationships with all parties that I may come across throughout the lifecycle of a claim such as clients, insurers and suppliers used by insurers. I have also vastly improved my technical ability by managing claims in all areas.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

This would definitely be resolving clients claims, especially if there is an issue. The client appreciates the hard work and technical knowledge needed, in order to deliver a positive result. It is also rewarding to manage a tough situation when an incident/claim occurs and to be able to put a clients mind at rest and guide them through the claims process, following an unexpected event.

What do you like most about working at Yutree?

There is a lot of trust at Yutree and I am allowed to take full control of a situation with a client, no matter how complexed the situation is. I am also encouraged to explore new ideas and be innovative in order to improve the service we offer to clients.

You can contact Nick on 01638 675996

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