Say YuWho to Yutree Undewriter Ross Elliott

Sep 4, 2019

As part of our insight into the people of Yutree, Ross Elliott speaks about what makes him tick in his role as an Underwriter.

How long have you worked at Yutree?

Since November 2017

Where did your insurance career start?

I started at Norwich Union (as they were then) in 2005 as a trainee Commercial Underwriter. In 2009. I had a short spell in broking before moving to the University of Cambridge insurance team. I was part of a small team managing the insurance portfolio for the whole of Cambridge University! We were essentially acting as a broker within the University’s finance division, arranging the insurances but also providing advice to staff and students on insurance matters. I was there until 2017 when I decided to go back to underwriting.

What does your job involve on day to day basis?

Anything from policy renewals, mid-term adjustments and quoting new business. You can set aside a day to complete a couple of renewals and yet one phone call or email could provide an opportunity to write new business and can completely change the direction of the day. There is constant dialogue with colleagues, brokers or insurers to get further information and understand risks fully.

What’s the most unusual risk you have ever placed?

Public liability cover for an individual who owns and stores several millions of pounds worth of whiskey in various UK distilleries!

What do you see as the biggest opportunity in the market?

Quick, reliable service goes a long way. When arranging my personal insurances I find it frustrating when someone doesn’t do something they say they will. If we can respond quickly to queries, and manage client expectations, if we cannot provide an answer immediately, then I believe it creates a relationship where the broker/client will want to come back and work together again. Being able to react quickly to queries can often lead to success, especially when clients are in need of insurance cover immediately.

Have you seen more brokers turning to Yutree for solutions in recent times?

Yes. When I started we were offering liability, excess layer, contractors all risks and media products. Queries would often come in regarding property covers and professional indemnity covers which we weren’t doing. In the time I have been here we have now added property, professional indemnity, standalone JCT non-negligence cover and a sport & leisure combined offering to our list of products. Brokers are now turning to us to provide solutions to any gaps in cover a client may have. It is attractive to brokers to use Yutree for various elements of a client’s Insurance programme and to ‘keep it all in one place’.

What do you like most about working at Yutree?

I have benefited a lot by the team dynamic in the office. As someone who returned to an open plan office environment and to underwriting, the opportunity to be able to ask colleagues for advice and support, especially when I first arrived has been invaluable. There is also now a variety of products that we are offering so although the underwriting process is the same, the different risks we see each day are always interesting.

How do you relax outside of work?

I have 2 daughters (aged 5 and 8) so they keep me active when I’m at home. I’m also a qualified FA Football Coach so I am out 2 evenings a week coaching. There are occasions where neither are particularly ‘relaxing’ but both are hugely enjoyable.

You can connect with Ross on LinkedIn.


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