Storm Emma: Severe Weather Driving Tips

Mar 1, 2018

With more severe weather forecast across the UK today with the arrival of Storm Emma, we advise drivers to listen to local news and local authorities before venturing out in extreme conditions.

The first thing to consider is whether your journey is absolutely necessary. Check your local and national TV, radio and social media news channels for travel information.

If the emergency services are advising against travelling, consider postponing your journey until conditions improve.

If you do travel:

  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel.
  • Ensure all windows and mirrors are clear from snow, at the start and throughout your journey. Snow and ice reduce your visibility, and can be dangerous to other road users as it falls off your vehicle.
  • Ensure you have enough antifreeze.
  • Ensure windscreen wipers and washers are working properly, and the washer fluid has additives to prevent freezing and is fully topped up.
  • Let someone know your destination and your expected time of arrival.
  • Take a mobile phone if you have one (but don’t use it whilst you are driving), and take warm clothing, hot drinks, food, boots, a torch and shovel as well – in case you become stranded for a long time.
  • Use the main roads which have been treated as much as possible, but do not assume that they will be free of ice and snow – deteriorating weather conditions after treatment can mean that conditions can still be extremely hazardous.

But remember, postpone your journey if at all possible, until conditions improve. Ask yourself if your journey is essential, and if conditions deteriorate during your journey, would it be safer to stop or turn back and wait for conditions to improve?


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