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Take the risk out of exporting

May 28, 2012

Yutree recommends a range of insurances to help manage the risks of exporting. In many cases we can arrange these on a stand-alone basis or as an extension of your existing UK insurances.

Cargo insurance

Freight forwarders & hauliers arrange limited cover which may not protect the full value of your goods whilst being transported. Ensure that you have your own protection for your goods until title has passed.

Product liability

Covers your liability for damage or injury caused by your products. Liability remains with you after the sale of goods. Allegations of damage or injury caused by products often lead to significant legal defence costs and cover is provided for these as well as the liability for actual injury or damage caused.

Professional indemnity, product recall & financial loss cover

For advice given and protection against non-injury & damage losses. Claims can arise for which you may suffer costs through poor design, changes in material specifications, delivery delays or the need to recall products from the marketplace.

Travel insurance

Often companies forget to protect their staff while travelling on behalf of the firm. Extend cover for your staff to include kidnap & ransom risks when travelling to volatile parts of the world.

Export credit insurance

Credit insurance enables you to sell on attractive commercial terms by protecting against the risk of non-payment and political loss.

Insurance, although important, is not the only part of the equation. Attention to contract details, delivery, customs and generally getting the commercial terms right will save you time and money and build your reputation for on-time delivery. We can help make sure that your insurance arrangements reflect your commercial requirements. Also, make sure that you have the correct:

Contract terms Include Incoterms, the date or event that creates debt, penalties for lateness, when title passes, dispute resolution, intellectual property.

Licences, visas & customs duty

Staff may need visas. Your goods may need export or import licenses. Check tariff codes to establish the most competitive destinations for your goods.

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