Why should I purchase a Dash Cam and how can they help with an insurance claim?

Jan 30, 2018

A claim was recently reported to us by a third party driver involved in a road traffic accident. They alleged that the accident was not their fault and they were hit in the rear by one of our client’s drivers who changed from the right hand lane into the middle. Our client had a dashcam installed which proved that the third party driver actually changed lanes into our client’s drivers lane causing damage to their vehicle. This footage was provided to insurers who could easily hold the third party driver at fault.

We see too many incidents like this where a third party alleges that they were not at fault. Insurers have to rely on the quality of the evidence supplied to them meaning very detailed written events including detailed sketches and photographs. From this evidence they will decide who is at fault based on the balance of probabilities. They can also use witness evidence if a witness is willing to help you by providing their details and providing an accurate account of the accident.

Yutree Claims Manager, Nick Carson said, “If the third party obtains much more substantial evidence then the claim could either be dealt with on a 50/50 basis or even worse, you are held at fault for the whole accident! This will affect you financially as it will affect your claims history and you will have to pay any excess against the repairs on your vehicle.”

Three million UK motorists now own a dashcam. They eliminate the element of doubt to an insurer as a we all know a picture speaks a thousand words but a video speaks a million.

Why should I purchase Dash Cam?

  • Reduce your premium as fault can be determined correctly which eliminates you being held responsible for an accident that was not your fault but it’s ‘your word against their’s’
  • Reduce the chance you have to pay out your policy excess for repairs to your own vehicle
  • Assist you in fully understand your drivers safety and skills behind the wheel
  • Time saved in gathering written statements from drivers who are busy working on the road
  • Your claim settled quicker as insurers have a clear understanding of the accident at day one
  • A reduced chance of incurring unnecessary legal and court costs disputing the accident is your fault
  • Helps to show the amount of passengers in the third party vehicle which will deter any spurious claims of ‘phantom passengers’ claiming injuries.
  • Crash for cash – Fraudulent claims for staged incidents are still at large. Video footage records the run up to the accident.


Try to buy a Dash Cam that is not too visible in your vehicle as it will be there most of the time. You don’t want to attract thieves.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us about the benefits of using a dash cams.


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