Yutree Insurance backs Suffolk Chamber Gender Inclusion Fight with Board Level Sponsor

Mar 17, 2021

Gender equality in the workplace

Since opening it’s doors in Newmarket almost 10 years ago, Yutree Insurance has believed strongly in a more diverse workplace.

Yutree is committed to equality, professionalism and continually raising standards with almost two thirds of its expanding team female, bucking the trend of a male-dominated industry.

We are delighted to announce that Yutree have joined forces with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce alongside other highly respected local businesses to play a major part in their county-wide Gender Equality Business Pledge.

Yutree Director Laura High has joined the programme as a sponsor, further strengthening Yutree’s commitment to tackling inequalities within the workplace. Laura is also Executive Sponsor for the insurance industry’s Gender Inclusion Network.

Laura commented, “Diversity is good for business and, to achieve diversity, we must address the inequalities within society and the workplace. All businesses have a role to play in this shift, and Yutree are fully committed to sharing best practices learnt from our organisation to drive forward gender equality.  We sincerely hope the pledge will open up more opportunities for women and make strides to removing the barriers that they face in terms of career progression, biases and salary.”

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