Yutree Underwriting looks into 2019

Jan 7, 2019


Yutree can underwrite liability and property for over 600 trades

With another year upon us, we reflect on the past year and plan for the forthcoming year. The world is changing at an astonishing rate and there is no sense of that rate of change abating.

All of our customers have more choices than ever before and most will gravitate towards using companies who deliver an efficient, flexible, responsive and personal service. At Yutree, we look around us and see larger companies falling behind the more innovative and flexible businesses who can offer a better customer experience. Whilst working on some exciting technological advances, Yutree continues to recognise that it is relationships which drive our business. We will continue to automate to improve the service that we provide to our brokers but we will never remove the element which underpins our model – being able to talk to an underwriter.

Yutree have been offering liability insurance to a wide range of business for many years. We now also offer property insurance. From small artisan producers to community groups, land owners, sports clubs, property owners, wholesalers and product innovators and much more, we specialise in understanding your client, however big or small, and providing liability and property cover to match their requirements.

Drones, wireless headphones, matcha tea, HIIT workout apps, powerbanks, dash cams – who would have predicted that these would be in the top innovations of recent years? And what will be next? As a broker, for whoever walks through your door, gets referred to you by an existing customer or finds you on Google – call Yutree on 01638 660651 for an exclusive and flexible liability and property solution. Our full product set is as follows:



Media Combined

Excess of loss

Contractors All Risks

Hauliers Liability

Happy New Year to all of our brokers, old and new, and thank you for your continued support.

Laura High – e-mail: underwriting@yutree.com or call the office on 01638 660651


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